Jr. Church Children's class

Every Sunday during the preaching time of the main service, we have a children's class available.  The children all leave the service together with the teachers and then split into two classes according to ages.

Ages 4-7

Mr. Charles Sutphin and his wife Jennifer lead the younger class and try to make the class more age appropriate for them.

Ages 8-12

Pastor Nathan Ravert and his wife Rachel lead the older class and seek to give them a little more of a challenge to work at in order to increase their understanding of God's Word.

The Program of Grow Time

The Bible is taught each week in order of which it took place chronologically.  From God creating the world in Genesis to the rule and reign of Jesus Christ in Revelation, it is our goal to help children "Grow" in their understanding of God and His Word.  The children are given a sheet each week to complete with a Bible memory verse, some Bible reading, and some questions.  The following week when the children return their completed sheet and recite the memory verse, they are given a completed step on their 12-week growth chart.  When the children have completed their growth chart, they are invited to attend an organized Grow Time activity.

Please contact Pastor Nathan for more information.