Our Scripture reading today is Luke 12:31-34.
Verse 34, "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."
Once again the Lord Jesus gives a challenge regarding where we place our treasure.  Are we physically or eternally driven?  Are we committed to the earthly or heavenly?  Most people do not need to answer those questions.  Our actions do a sufficient job of telling everyone where their heart is placed.  
It is my belief that treasure goes beyond what we do with our finances.  Today is day number 146 of the year 2023.  Every day that we live is a treasure from God.  Will we give some time today to invest in the eternal or will we only focus on the earthly?  It is a decision we all make every day.  The work of the Lord seems to always be lacking labourers.  Could this be because there are numbers of God's children who rarely invest the treasure of their time for eternity?  God is worthy of any service we can give in His army!