Our Scripture reading today is Romans 16:25-27.
Verse 26, "But now is made manifest, and by the scriptures of the prophets, according to the commandment of the everlasting God, made known to all nations for the obedience of faith:"
The conclusion of the book of Romans is filled with several encouraging reminders of what God has done for us, through His Son, Jesus Christ.  He is to receive all the glory and honour and He alone is worthy of our praise.
A phrase that stood out to me this morning in verse 26 is, "Made known to all nations".  Here in Canada we are inundated with the Word of God.  You can find truth on local radio stations as well as churches that are still preaching the truth.  There are ministries like Bearing Precious Seed Canada that are striving to print and mail portions of the Word of God.  This does not include all of the online resources that we have at our finger tips.  Unfortunately, truth is being rejected and we are seeing a crumbling of morality and decency here in Canada.  We must pray for our country to humble herself and turn to God!
This brings me to all the other nations.  Many countries today have so little truth compared to what we have.  In some places, the governments are doing everything they can to keep God's Word out.  Thankfully, God's Word is not bound by government leaders.  What more can we do to get God's Word and message of salvation to all the nations?  
Anchor Baptist Church is only ONE month away from our annual mission's conference.  The dates are October 23-27.  Please start praying now for this very important meeting. We will have missionaries joining us at the conference live and also via video.  It is my prayer that we can increase our faith and then increase our missions giving in order that we might do more to get the Gospel message to all nations!