Our Scripture reading today is Genesis 3:1-5.
Verse 4, "And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:"
The questioning of God's Word started very soon after creation and it continues today.  Our enemy is the leader of this deception campaign and His one objective is to cause all mankind to doubt and question the Word of God.  Once doubt and question are in place, it makes it very easy for someone to deny anything and everything about God's Word.  
You may say, "I believe God's Word is true."  What about the way you live your life?  Does your life back up that statement?  Do your actions say the same thing?  It is very important that we not only say we believe the Bible, but that we seek to wholeheartedly practice what God Word's says to practice.  The world needs to see the change God's Word is making in our lives.  Someone once said we are the first Bible someone reads.  You might have a co-worker that has never been exposed to Christianity.  He or she has never opened the Word of God.  Your testimony is VERY important.  You have the opportunity to prove that God's Word is true by the change it has made in your life.  
God's Word still has the power to change lives.  Ask God to enable your testimony to be proof of that power in the hearts of those whom you influence.
Have a wonderful day!