Our Scripture reading today is Matthew 5:40-42.
Verse 42, "Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away."
The church is made up of born-again, baptized believers.  It is referred to as a body and we know that a body is made up of many members.  Each member is very important and is needed to perform his or her service for the Lord.  A quality that is needed in each of our lives is generosity.  A church filled with generosity is a church that is one that is becoming more like Jesus Christ.  Our generosity is not limited to, but does include our finances.  Are we willing to give to a church member or a church project when we know there is a need?  
In addition to our finances, we should be generous with our time.  There is something special about a local church that is labouring together in order to bring glory to God.  Nothing done for the Lord is insignificant.  I am thankful for the many servants of the Lord at Anchor Baptist who have given of themselves whenever there was a need for labourers.  May God help us to teach and train the next generation by our example of generosity.
Have a wonderful day!