Our Scripture reading today is Exodus 8:26-28.
Verse 28, "Only ye shall not go very far away."
Pharaoh is starting to feel the affects of the plagues.  He attempts to make a deal with Moses with regards to worshipping the One true God.  I will let you go but not too far.  This is the continual bargaining that we experience from the enemy.  It is not simply to keep from serving the Lord too much, it is designed to put us completely out of service for the Lord.  The devil hates God and anything or anyone to do with God.  The devil is always seeking to destroy and devour.  
We have been given the greatest gift in eternal life.  This gift cost our God the greatest sacrifice.  God and God alone is worthy of our complete surrender.  He is worthy of our love, obedience and faithfulness.  We must stop listening to the wiles of the devil and continue to give God our best!