Today's Scripture ready is 1 John 1:5-7.
Verse 7, "...if we walk in the light..."
As an unsaved hell bound sin, we have a choice to receive or reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is the power of the Gospel that saves our sinful soul.  Once we receive the gift of salvation, we have another important choice to make.  This choice is made quite often and it involves where we will walk.  The outcome of this choice will result in a closer fellowship or a more distant fellowship with our God.  I am thankful that the relationship with God cannot be voided.  We can never be taken out of the hand of the Father.  (John 10:28)  
Where will you walk today?  I am not referring to your neighbourhood or a park nearby.  In our text, John is referring to our daily choices we make to live for the Lord or for our old nature, the flesh.  The goal is to think and act as close to the way our Saviour would think and act.  This occurs as we yield to the Holy Spirit thus choosing to walk in the light.  O be careful little feet where you walk.