Our Scripture reading today is Luke 20:27-28.
Verse 27, "Then came to him certain of the Sadducees, which deny that there is any resurrection; and they asked him,"
The Sadducees could be compared to our modern day liberal theologians.  They only accepted the books of Moses and even then did not believe everything that was contained in them.  If they did not like what was written, they did not believe it.  That sounds pretty convenient doesn't it?  The Sadducees did not believe in the resurrection or anything supernatural.  
It is very important that we know what we believe and why we believe it.  This has been emphasized in recent days through the teaching and preaching of God's Word.  The Bible is our instruction manual that must be followed by faith as we live each day and prepare for eternity in Heaven.  We are very wise to memorize and meditate on it every day.