Today’s Scripture reading is Acts 7:51-53.
Verse 51 - " do always resist the Holy Ghost:"
The word, resist, in this verse means to be adverse, oppose, strive against.  How often do we find ourselves resisting what God is doing in our lives?  How often when we know God wants us to change something in our lives, do we make an excuse instead of making the change?  How could we think we know better than God?  
The root of resisting God lies in our pride.  To resist God's will is to declare that we know better than the One Who created us.  To resist God's Word is to declare that my plan is better than God's plan.  While we may not have voiced it that way, our actions have surely said it for us.  It is time for God's people to repent of resisting!  It is time for God's people to humble themselves before almighty God.  We need a revival of yielding to the will of God!