Today's Scripture reading is 2 Kings 13:18-19.
Verse 18, "And he smote thrice and stayed."
We are not sure why King Joash stopped at hitting the ground three times.  It could be that it seemed like a silly command from Elisha.  Regardless of why, Joash stopped and he should have continued to hit the ground.  The Syrians were oppressing the people and God was ready to give them a complete victory.  
Have you come to a place in your Christian life where you are considering to stop doing something that you know God wants you to continue?  Are you still reading God's Word with a desire to be fed?  Are you praying and praising God throughout the day?  Are you giving out the Gospel in whatever way possible?  The victorious Christian life is found in a Person, the Lord Jesus!  We must continue to abide in Him to overcome the world, the flesh and the devil!
Don't stop moving forward by faith!